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About Us

Energy Efficiency Center is a specialized unit of Energomix Sp. z o.o. (www.energomix.pl) responsible for the area of energy efficiency. Center was established in response to growing demand for services related to improvement of energy efficiency in enterprises, public institutions and individual customers.

Energy Effective Directive 2012/27/UE and Act on Energy Efficiency oblige enterprises, which:

  • employ over 250 workers,
  • have assets exceeding/even 43 € and have annual turnovers exceeding/even 50 mln €,

to conduct energy audit every 4 years. This is an additional factor increasing demand for this type of service.

To meet the expectations of our customers we prepared a comprehensive range of services in the field of energy efficiency, including:

  • energy audit of a large company under the Act on Energy Efficiency and EN 16247 Standard,
  • energy efficiency  audit in order to obtain  white certificates (or fulfill the obligation to redeem the certificates of energy origin) and to obtain external financing (f.i. EU) – only till 30.09.2017 it is possible to present projects finished after 01.01.2014; beside new projects are qualified,
  • aggregation of energy efficiency projects of similar type (alone do not meet the minimum threshold of savings 10 TOE) and trading in white certificates,
  • realization and funding od investment in ESCo formula (Energy Saving Company in Energy Performance Contract formula) – LED lightening and lightening management, Renewable Energy Sources, local heat and electricity sources, energy management, optimization of technical units,
  • developing solutions that increase energy efficiency in accordance with ISO 50 001,
  • measurements of installations and buildings with highly specialized instruments – we have our own thermal imaging camera, electric network analyzer, liquid and gases flowmeter, air, temperature and humidity analyzer,
  • research and development solutions that enhance energy efficiency,
  • training for companies in the field of energy efficiency.

Our team consists of experts with knowledge and many years of experience in the identification and design of projects aimed at increasing energy efficiency. A majority constitute people with higher education and experience in the fields of energy, heating, electricity and environmental engineering. Our experts are certified energy auditors. We cooperate with respected academics (mostly from Warsaw University of Technology) so we have access to the expertise and competence of research and development at the highest level.

Our team members have realized dozens of projects, energy audits, audits of energy efficiency and research and development, which have been applied commercially. Among them we can mention:

  • modernization of heat system in Jaworzno.
  • energy auditing of  buildings connected to heat system for SPEC S.A.
  • individual substations for Warsaw – energy audit of group substations for the purpose of connecting buildings to the district heating system using individual nodes for Dalkia S.A.

We have our own measuring instruments of the highest class, what give us confidence of results. We use, among others:

  • thermal imaging camera Keysight U5855A,
  • microclimate analyzer KIMO AMI 310,
  • non-invasive flowmeter NFM100H,
  • electric grid analyzer PEL102.

We are happy to answer all your questions – please contact us.


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